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Dragon Dirt: Bobby's New Signature Superfood Powder - 10-serving Sample Size

$ 40.00
The Most Potent All-In-One Superfood Powder on the Planet!

Hey everybody, Bobby here -

Dragon Dirt is an insanely-potent blend of 18 of the world’s most powerful superfoods that I created exclusively for my own personal use. Why? Because I could not find a single all-in-one meal replacement powder in the marketplace that met my criteria. 

But now, I have decided to go public with the Dirt, and we are planning an official launch in January 2021. Until then, we will be offering both 10-serving sample size bags to try the Dirt, and also one-month 28-serving bags (in a separate listing, at a substantial discount) for some of our initial daily users.

FYI - We’re still only making small batches at a time (because I’m a control freak!), and, without any marketing yet, we are selling it faster than we can make it—which I guess is a good thing? So if it’s sold out, check back in a couple days. Thanks in advance for your patience. We're still getting things figured out around here.

All that said... Dragon Dirt—my longtime nickname for this powder—is hardcore and definitely not for everyone. It doesn’t taste like a milkshake or look and smell like Betty Crocker birthday cake mix, mainly because there are NO added sweeteners, flavorings, or emulsifiers: just the 18 different superfoods, and plenty of each.

And the standard 40g serving size may initially be too potent for some (hence our note of caution in the directions about starting off with a single-scoop 20g half-serving). In other words, I don’t suspect you will ever find Dragon Dirt "mainstreaming it" on the shelves of your local Walmart… and I’m okay with that.

On the other hand, I truly believe that anyone who consistently uses this stuff will enjoy new levels of superior health and well-being. Gram for gram, there is simply no other product—or single meal recipe—that I know of that offers the total amount of pure nutrient density found in Dragon Dirt.

In fact, as illustrated in the graphic above, you would have to buy at least SIX different products to attempt to replicate the nutritional firepower in the Dirt, and even then you would fall short (based on the total potency and purity of each of its five sub-blends).

Translation: I’m stoked!

Read on for back label info, including particulars about the ingredients and directions on how to prepare it.


It Began as the Impossible Dream...

To discover a vegan superfoods nutritional powder so rich in plant-based protein, omega-3s, and fiber, and so stacked with super greens, high-antioxidant fruits, and stress-busting adaptogens, that it would transform my daily smoothie into the most nutrient-dense meal on earth;

So jacked with all-natural performance and recovery enhancers, that I could thrive year round in my crazy reality of constant travel and sleep deprivation, as I hit the weights by day, hit the drums by evening, and hit the streets for long runs in the middle of the night;

So concentrated that instead of the typical “fairy dust sprinkling” of forty, fifty, sixty (or more!) ingredients found in most blends, it would deliver full serving sizes of fewer than twenty of the world’s most powerful superfoods for maximum nutritional impact;

And so pure, that the ingredients would only be harvested by the most finicky farmers, and the blend would be organic and completely free of animal products, added salt, sweeteners, stimulants or fillers, harmful chemicals, and GMOs.

But I never found such a product, so I had to create it myself. And now, after five years of relentless road-testing and revision, I present to you DRAGON DIRT: the Holy Grail of all-in-one meal replacement powders. It has elevated my game to new levels of energy, immunity, and mind/body wellness, and I believe it can do the same for you. So go forth, my fellow warrior—be fiercely healthy… and Drink the Dirt!


As a Complete Meal: Combine 2 scoops (40g) of DRAGON DIRT and 1 large banana, 1 orange, and 1/2 cup frozen blueberries in a blender with 12 oz of liquid (any combination of water, juice, and/or almond milk), then mix thoroughly. Sip and “chew” each mouthful slowly for optimal assimilation.

As a Smoothie/Shake “Supercharger”: To increase the nutritional firepower of any blender concoction you currently enjoy, simply add a 1-scoop half-serving (20g) of the Dirt and blend thoroughly. (Add a bit more liquid if it’s too thick.)

Caution: DRAGON DIRT is extremely potent and contains superfoods and adaptogens that may cause detoxifying and/or stimulating effects in certain folks. For first-time users, we suggest starting with 1 scoop, or drinking half of a 2-scoop smoothie, then waiting thirty to sixty minutes to evaluate how you feel before consuming the second half.

Ingredients: (95% organic) Plant-Based Protein Blend - 23g: Yellow Pea Protein, Brown Rice Protein, Pumpkin Seed Protein, Golden Flax Seed; Super Greens and Veggies Blend – 8.5g: Spirulina, Moringa Leaf, Wheatgrass Juice Powder, Beet Juice Powder, Broccoli Sprouts; High-Antioxidant Fruits Blend – 5.5g: Indian Gooseberry, Camu Camu, Maqui Berry, Cherry Juice Powder; Mushroom & Herb Adaptogens Blend – 3g: Cordyceps-M, Turmeric, Maca, Ashwagandha, Shiitake.

No dairy, soy, or wheat.

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